long-life energy storage

Underground energy storage

As the world generates more electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources, there is a growing need for technologies which can capture and store energy during periods of low demand and release it rapidly when required.

At Gravitricity we are developing long-life, below-ground technologies which store energy safely and deliver it on demand at a lower lifetime cost than current alternatives.

Our gravity and hydrogen storage technologies each offer unique attributes, ideally suited to the fast-evolving energy markets of tomorrow.  


Gravity storage

Our GraviStore underground gravity storage technology uses the power of gravity to offer some of the best characteristics of lithium batteries and pumped hydro storage.

Ideally suited to network-constrained users and operators, distribution networks and major power users, our technology operates in the 1MW to 20 MW power range and enables existing grid infrastructure to go further in a renewable energy world.

50 year design life
Fast response time
Versatile operation
Cost effective

Hydrogen storage

Our H2 FlexiStore underground hydrogen storage technology uses the geology of the earth to safely store large volumes of green hydrogen. Purpose-built shafts can be built wherever required to offer long-term storage close to the point of demand.

Storing hydrogen in underground shafts is intrinsically safer and less obtrusive than above-ground options and is a solution that does not require unique geology such as salt caverns.

Flexible capacity
Lower costs
Location flexibility

Market Opportunity

Gravitricity is tapping into growing global demand for energy storage, which analysts at BloombergNEF estimated in 2021 will attract more than $262 billion of investment up to 2030.

Our extremely durable gravity storage technology will offer a better long-term cost of energy storage than lithium-ion batteries wherever a lifetime of more than ten years is required. This is particularly true for peak-shaving applications where storage is used to permanently reduce spend on grid. 

Our hydrogen storage technology is ideally suited to the growing demand for green hydrogen, which will become an increasingly important low carbon fuel for industrial users and heavy transport in the decades ahead. Gravitricity’s below-ground hydrogen stores will offer high volume, safe and unobtrusive energy storage which can be located exactly where they are needed

Industry Quotes

“Gravitricity’s low power cost and high cyclability sets it apart from other technologies, the global growth of renewable energy means there is a growing need for grid stabilisation, and their energy storage system plays directly into this market.

“The technology is scalable, easy to install and comes with a long lifetime. Huisman is a very innovative company and we see a great fit between our expertise and this exciting new concept.” 

Peter Berting, Business Development Manager at Huisman